More than just a game publisher

At Mystic Forge, we are more than just a game publisher. We’re a team of seasoned craftsmen who harness arcane knowledge and mystic artistry to bring fantastical worlds to life. Drawing inspiration from legendary blacksmiths who transformed steel into magical artifacts, we empower indie developers to transform ideas into immersive and captivating gaming experiences.

We believe that developers bring the real magic to the anvil.

Our games are engineered like precision tools, each uniquely tailored to specific market needs. As specialists in strategy, simulation, and RPG games for PC, we channel our passion and expertise into every project. Collaborating with talented developers, we introduce innovative gameplay mechanics that not only enhance replayability but also propel industry innovation..

Focused Portfolio: Strategy and Innovation

Our game portfolio is strategically curated to resonate with our audience. We focus on:

Strategy, Simulation, and RPG Games

Renowned for our expertise, we develop games that challenge and engage players.

Micro-Strategy Games

These games, compact yet profound, align with our vision of innovation, offering players intricate and dynamic gameplay.

Innovation at the Forefront

Each title pushes conventional boundaries, ensuring a fresh and thrilling experience.

PC First

We prioritize PC to maximize performance and set a strong foundation for success across platforms.

Why Partner with Us?

Collaboration is at the heart of our forging process. We work with indie game developers and supporting artisans who share our passion and vision to create games that are unique and engaging. Our developers bring the real magic to the anvil. Our commitment to their craftsmanship and innovation is reflected in every project:

Selective Focus

We carefully select a limited number of projects, ensuring personalized attention and substantial resources for every game.

Collaborative Spirit

By combining our expertise with the visions of our developers, we create magical and memorable gaming experiences.

Long-Term Support

Our support extends beyond launch, fostering growth and success over the long term.

Broad Industry Network

Utilize our network for distribution, financial support, and access to award-winning creative talents.

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